Cine Brick short film competition


  1. . Purpose and materials to be used

Cine Brick creates a short film competition with the purpose of stimulating production and screening of animation short films made with LEGO® bricks, also known as brick films.

  1. Film origin

The competition admits brick films from all over the world.

  1. Year of production

Brick films admitted for the competition must have been produced in the year of the competition or one of the previous 3 years.

  1. Submission dates and fees

For the 2020 edition the films must be sent between the 21st of January 2020 and the 20th of May 2020. There are no submission fees.

  1. Submission formats and addresses

The movies may be sent in digital format, in files with DVD quality (or higher), to the following e-mail addresses: or Alternatively the movies may be sent in DVD format to the following address: Avenida das Congostas 356 4º A, 4250-159 Porto, Portugal. 

  1. Screening authorization

When submitting a movie every director or producer gives permission for the movie to be screened at Cine Brick and also promoted through our website and facebook page. In case the producer or director has some specific instructions about how we can or can’t screen or promote the movie, they should sent us those instructions together with the movie.

  1. Intellectual property

When it submits a movie for the competition, the producer declares that it is the legal owner of the rights for public presentation of the referred movie, as well as of the music included in the work. If Cine Brick requests, the producer must present evidence of these rights, taking full responsibility for any legal issues that may arise.

  1. Selection

Cine Brick will decide which movies are selected for screening and for the competition, and will announce it at least 2 weeks before the festival starts. 

  1. Awards

Cine Brick will choose and reward a winner of the competition, and also a second and third places. We’ll also choose a winner among the movies whose director is aged under 16. 

  1. Decision

The jury, to be designated among persons connected with Cinema, with Lego, or, more broadly, the cultural and artistic world, will decide the winner and the other awards, by majority of the votes, after the screening of all movies.

  1. Extensions

Cine Brick keeps the right to screen all the movies selected for the competition in festival extensions that may happen after the main event, or in other festival’s that may be interested in collaborate with Cine Brick.

  1. Promotion

Cine Brick keeps the right to use images and excerpts from the movies, as well as movie related texts, to promote the festival.

  1. Other missing subjects

All other subjects not mentioned in this regulation will be decided by the festival’s organization, with no appeal.

  1. Acceptance

Participation in Short Bricks implies the acceptance of the present regulation.


January 01, 2020